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U.S. House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence - FISA Abuse

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 August 07, 2018,  Dylan Wick

These 4 pages (easy read) of documents are a must read for all Americans concerning the FISA abuses and the efforts to cover up a multitude of crimes in Washington, D.C.  Please share far and wide. Then let's petition President Trump to use his executive powers to declassify it all. The American people and the Congress have a right to know.

This cover up has gone on long enough! The hiding, refusal to comply with lawful information requests from the Congress who have a Constitutional right and obligations of oversight of the unelected intelligence agencies, and the redacting of virtually everything under the guise of "national security" must end. There is very little if any information related to national security in the I.G. and FISA documents, it is simply a tactic to cover up crimes.

Document links listed below:

In defense of our Constitutional Republic and the rule of law.

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